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Lucky ship marine services invites its customers to take a few minutes around this company profile to be able to see how we work and how we can serve their fleets with our range of services presented at competitive prices and best quality.


Our deliveries are conducted with a competent and empowered delivery representative rather than just a driver like most chandlers do.

Cabin Store

No matter if it is just a to laundry detergent, a high quality bed sheet or a bunch of robust galley hardware, all cabin store items.


We provide a wide spectrum of marine safety products and services such as liferaft inspection & service through our contracted service providers, fire extinguishers.

Garbage & Sludge Disposal

As per ships’ masters/owners request, we can arrange the necessary transportation to remove Plastic, Food wastes, Oil Sludge & Garbage from ships whether located at outer anchorage.


We provide a comprehensive range of ethnic foods from different parts of the world so seaman can feel himself home.


Variety formats of stationery items including copy papers, printer rolls, pens, markets, letter files and same we can provide immediately.


Any size electric motor rewinding, bearing replacement, on site service for ship electric system including main switchboard and alternator.

Underwater Cleaning

provides all activities of underwater works (Inspections-Hull Cleaning-Repairs) at any of our Egyptian ports.

Technical Store

From the plastic bags or cotton rags to hand tools or pressure gauges every item is selected accurately considering the crew’s expectations.


Since modern ships are not staffed with an on-board physician, we understand the importance of clear product labeling.

Fresh Water

Arrangements can be easily made to supply vessels with whatever quantities of fresh water required.

Bunker Supply

In the field of bunkering, we have facilities to ensure a smooth bunker supply. Nominations for all grades of fuel oils or luboils can be fixed at any time, day or night, regardless of the time difference between Egypt and any part of the world.

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We have a true understanding that the maritime industry has a continuous focus on maintaining
the safety of vessels, rigs, platforms, equipment and personnel; therefore we are committed to providing solutions that will maximize protection, reduce risks and minimize operational costs.

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                                          Our customers are our first priority. We work, we serve
                  and we are sure they are going to give us their trust, and this comprises our slogan.

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