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We always do it best


Every day the sun shines is a chance for us to make our customers happy. Safety, ethics, and punctuality is our  fuel to earn our customers’ trust.


We see ship supply in Egypt as a great arena to represent Egypt and to serve the fast moving maritime industry in the world. We aim at using our history record to have our name on the tongues of seafarers around the globe.

Why Choose us?

Since 2010, and Lucky Ship has been supplying vessels transiting Suez Canal and calling Egyptian ports. As a general manager in one of the biggest ship suppliers in Egypt for more than 10 years, the founder of Lucky ship marine services has taken the challenge of starting the company that applies modern world management systems in ship supply market. Hiring young and enthusiastic team, and applying principles of supply chain management, put the first cornerstone of the company back in 2010. Today, Lucky ship marine services, with 32% of the market share, continues to serve ship operators, ship management, catering and offshore companies based on honesty, patience, and enthusiasm.

What are they saying about us?

Lucky Ship is a renowned and dynamic company that is based in Suez, EGYPT. Lucky Ship provides marine and offshore supplies, marine equipment, spare parts and services. Besides we supply all kinds of ships, vessels and any offshore industry especially, Oil well stimulation vessels, Oil drilling rig and Seismic survey vessels. Lucky Ship is considered to be one among the leaders in marine supply, one that is reliable and professional and that serves at all Egyptian ports. Having a long experience, we offer a quick service and we supply with high quality products at competitive prices for all types of vessels and offshore unit projects. Our staff is working on full time basis, 24 hours a day to meet our clients' demands and desires. We are proud to serve you while maintaining the necessary business ethics together with a high level of quality services, meanwhile we stay competitive: We are sure you will be satisfied with the quality of Lucky Ship's goods and services.